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Welcome to Not The Farmers Wife by Mojo Homestead. We are a family owned online store and regenerative agriculture farm in Australia. We supply quality products to the USA, the UK, New Zealand and Australia.


About Us


Not The Farmers Wife was formed in 2022 by an Australian farm based family to bring quality products to the world. We aim to find products to make you smile and laugh!
We believe in sourcing as much as we can from here in Australian, local business support our economy. 
We partner DAILY with local and, occasionally, international brands to bring you funny gifts, printed to order!


As you shop our site, you'll see LOTS of different and awesome products. That's because we work with different and awesome people to find all the funny products just for you.

We aim to source as much as possible from here in Australia, however we do have to go abroad for some products that aren't able to be sourced here.

Each product we offer is custom designed by artists both locally and internationally.

Only once you place an order do we get to work producing your item!

Using this on demand approach allows us to maintain a fresh inventory, and provide a high quality product at the lowest possible price to you!

It's a win win for everyone right?

Have a browse and find something funny for your loved one, or for yourself, today. We have gifts to suit everyone.

If you have any questions you can contact us at